Djokovic number 1 of the World: a story destined to last? Will he eclipse Federer? And Sampras…

Last night we saw a great final of ATP Finals between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Beautiful tennis and countless emotions. But above all, a big question rises: ‘how far can Djokovic go?’

Djokovic towards Sampras. The aim is always the same, Pete Sampras. The only tennis player to have ended the year on top six times in a row. Something monstrous and, so far, unrepeatable. If we also consider that Sweet Pete succeeded in the most competitive tennis era, we understand the absolute magnitude of the American, that during the most significant change of materials and in an era when the difference of the four surfaces was highest, as well as the competition can be the most impiteous (rivalry with Becker, Edberg, Chang, Agassi, Courier, Stich, Kraijcek, Ivanisevic and the meter runs …), has been able to dominate in an incomparable tennis. Djokovic is one-third way of the company, but to think that he could do the same, is actually not utopian.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (fonte foto:

Are Federer and Nadal gone? Certainly nowadays the competition is less fierce, the surfaces are much more similar, the materials allow you to play a very similar tennis (elements that make me think that the mission of the Serbian is possible), but Djokovic was able to knock down from the throne both Federer and Nadal, one of the protagonists of the more monotonous and poor emotional ages in tennis history. Anyone who has experienced the rivalry Borg – McEnroe, Becker – Edberg and Sampras – Agassi, to name only the most sensational, could not have don anything but yearning. But Djokovic is different, conveys emotions and definetly may of them. He needs a great stooge that can enhance even further. Murray must prove to have continuity and especially the personality to do so.

The legends of tennis. Meanwhile, we read that after 6 years of Sampras, is Jimmy “Jimbo” Connors to have the best numbers (5 consecutive years ending number 1), in front of John McEnroe and Roger Federer with 4. Djokovic also ente thar small club of players capable of winning the Masters and finish the year with the crown of world tennis. He is in very good company with Sampras, Lendl and Federer (they did it 3 times) and other superstars such as Borg, McEnroe, Connors and Nastase. Also Kuerten and Hewitt made it, but they are less noble names, which will win in one of the darkest periods in the history of tennis. Djokovic is the one that will tow the tennis to new levels.

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*Author Victor Hasbani – Translate by Michele Bruzzone